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Inside Job – Stillwater Prison & the Day Before Yesterday (A Shannon O’Day Story)
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Inside Job – Stillwater Prison & the Day Before Yesterday (A Shannon O’Day Story)

Inside Job

(Stillwater State Prison) 1961-63

Section one of two

Dana Stanley, conceived September 27, 1942, met Edward Morrill conceived August 28, 1930, while functioning as a student teacher in the Dakota County educational system...

Forward: Shannon O'Day was the reason Edward Morrill had been sentence to five-years in jail for his issue with a minor, Dana Stanley, throughout the fall of 1958, and it was presently December, 1961. He had served barely two years, with acceptable conduct, he was to get out in one more year 1963, September, and was going up for a load up hearing and ideally be put released early, as of now and time he had a parole hearing come September of 1962, one year from this date, and he had told his flat mate, he planned to kill the individual who put him in this jail when he got out, and the individual he told (joking or not), was Otis Wilde Mather's third cousin, and when his name came up, Shannon O'Day, Oscar Lewis Charleston, had composed Otis, to visit him, it was earnest to say it. What's more, he did exactly that, and provided Otis with the data of his flat mate, prisoner companion, and Otis, gave Oscar enough biting tobacco to last him the year out. Be that as it may, presently something should have been finished to stop this possible danger really taking shape.

Furthermore, Otis' arrangement was two overlay. Get him another sentence, another five or a decade, or destroy him. Whichever one was ideal, under anything conditions won, in agreement to the    300 blackout ammo for sale  time span; and the less individuals that knew, the good, to incorporate Shannon O'Day himself.

The Story

Part One

The Meeting

"Youall help me out cousin Oscar Lewis and I'll give Youall $200-dollars for you time. Ef-in that be alright with your cognizant, and it dont conflict with your nerve," said Otis Wilde Mather at the Stillwater State Prison, in Minnesota, during his encounter with his third cousin, Oscar Lewis Charleston.

The two of them took a gander at each other, and Otis took out 200 bucks, "Ef-in I takes the cash the gatekeeper here, I mean, the po-lice man, he a-goin' to remove it at any rate, I want to purchase a-prostitute, however there aint any here, we'all men here and we can do what ladies cant I give da cash to some unfortunate sucker," he said.

"Waht!" said Otis, "Youall sure you believes should do that?"

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